Travel stories

My travel stories have been published in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald:

Hay-on-Wye       ‘Some Welsh rare bits’
Lyon                    ‘Renaissance Preserved’
Gippsland           ‘Back on the road again’

The Grampians  ‘Where the Wildflowers Are’
Mt Buffalo           ‘Going downhill at 50’

Author Interviews

Andrew O’Hagan ‘Faith, politics and a burr in the ear’ (Canberra Times)
Peter Temple        ‘Spreading Words with Dinky-Di Determination’ (Canberra Times)
Adib Khan             ‘Strength on parallel roads’ (Canberra Times)
Vikram Seth          ‘Vikram Seth, a high-class gossip’  (artshub)

Other Articles

‘Hanging Loose in Hawaii’ (Honda: The Magazine)

‘Love in the Age of Therapy’ (State of the Arts magazine)

‘Two to Tango’ (Honda: The Magazine)

Leona Mitchell – Conversations with the Black Diva’ (Honda: The Magazine)